Quantitative and algorithmic trading in crypto markets
Notable things we did
Spot market making on Binance
For a while, we are one of the bigger market makers on Binance Spot, doing up to 80% of daily maker volume on some of the pairs, providing $1bn+ of monthly maker volume to the markets
Top 1 liquidity miners on Hummingbot Mining
When deployed, our bots are consistently holding top places on Hummingbot Mining leaderboard
Our specialization
Market Making
We have our own custom trading engine capable of reacting in milliseconds, co-location with exchange servers and a variety of market making algorithms implemented on top.
Statistical Arbitrage
We use sophisticated mathematical models to find and confirm co-integrating relationships between assets, model their spreads and execute mean reversion strategies on them.
Directional trading
We design directional trend following and mean reversion strategies and select markets and regimes to which they are suitable.
Services we offer
Market Making and Liquidity Provision
We can provide following market making services:
– Improving Limit Order Book depth
– Providing maker trading volume
– Making spreads tighter
Execution Optimization
We can analyze your execution system and provide consultation on how to make it more efficient, or implement your strategies using our execution technology.
Custom Development
If you want your trading system improved in a way that isn't mentioned above – contact us and we'll talk about it.